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News about a Wiltshire, England protest in July and further protests
Complete soundtrack from the video of the NCFM, National Coalition of Free Men, anti-NOW, National Organisation of Women event on June 21st in St. Paul, Minnesota. The event called "Gender Feminism and the Voice Not Heard: Has America Gone Deaf In One Ear?" includes Warren Farrell, Trudy W. Schuett, Wendy McElroy, Dianna Thompson and Deborah Watkins.

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Protest in England and Wales in July and August

Gender Feminism and the Voice Not Heard: Has America Gone Deaf In One Ear?
Pradeep Ramanathan, Senior Vice President of the National Body of NCFM
Will Hageman starts the meeting
Wendy McElroy
Dr. Warren Farrell
Deborah Watkins
Dianna Thompson
Trudy W. Schuett
Will Hageman introduces the questions
Question 1
Kevin Houston, State Party Chair Libertarian Party
about Deborah Watkins leaving NOW
Question 2
Martin Howl
commenting on how true he felt the speechs were
Question 3
How can we break through the media lace curtain?
Question 4
Bill McKoy
Suggestion about having men's own media
Question 5
Refers to the Minneapolis Star Tribune as the Minneaplois Star and Sickle
Question 6
Bob Carreo
Director of OurKids in Minnesota, has both radio and cable programs about kids
and spoke about J. R. Hidebreeder case
Question 7
Michael Fry
About the economic cost of fatherlessness
Question 8
Michael Ellis, Wisconsin Fathers for Children and Families
501c3/c4 groups and passive/hostile men and how men can be the worst feminists
Question 9
Will Hageman
Does the National Organistation for Women speak for women?
Question 10
Will Hageman
Are American women oppressed? and if so, are men the oppressors?
Question 11
Will Hageman
We have sometimes heard the media refer to a crisis of fatherlessness among the nation's children. Is this fatherlessness caused by fathers abandoning their children or is it the result of fathers being forceably removed from their father's lives?
Will Hageman concludes the meeting


Grand Total

Protests in England
Protest outside a family court judge's house Events


National Coaltion of Free Men

Wendy McElroy -
Dr. Warren Farrell -
Deborah Watkins - NCFM
Dianna Thompson -
Dianna Thompson -
Trudy W. Schuett - DesertLightJournal
Trudy W. Schuett -


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