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News about a Wiltshire, England protest in July
Interview with author Bernard Chapin about his book, education and feminism
News of two websites
News of the NCFM event in June
Items about men boycotting marriage, viruses and does everyone know you're in the Men's Movement?

The transcript - website addresses further down the page


Hello and welcome to The Men’s Hour. I am Raymond Cuttill.

First, a change in the schedule. Because of the delay in May, it has been decided to put the Men’s Hour back to the third Sunday in the month.  This will be the on the Sunday on or following the 15th.  The next programme will be Sunday 17th August.

On the Men’s Hour, we have news of an events in England on the 21st of July, news of two new websites, an interview with author Bernard Chapin about his book, feminism, political correctness, education and the lack of stigma today, stories about men boycotting marriage, the NCFM anti-Now event last month, does everyone know you are a member of the men’s movement and Yvonne Wussow, the Men’s Hour supposedly sends an email virus.  All websites and references are listed on the programme webpage.

The Men’s Hour is associated with, the world’s first men’s publishers, bringing you ebooks, fact and fiction, written by men and women, that is by, about or relates to men. has men’s movement books and links including some items that are free, and is on the lookout for additional material. is a royalty paying epublisher for the right material.  If you have a story or book idea, let us know.

A new website has opened.  This is intended to be a study and help resource for men.  A sort of directory and even search engine for men’s issues.  In most cases what will be on will be a link to a webpage, and not the webpage itself. It has four main categories. Events, Contacts, Stories, Subjects.  Events can include real world protests but also online chats.  Contacts include any men’s organisation and in some cases individuals.  This again can be online or offline, but one of the main purposes of this is to point men to real world organisations that can help them.  Stories are a list of webpages for a particular news story about men’s issues.  Subjects are the main source of webpages about a particular men’s issue, say divorce or domestic violence or false allegations.  It should be possible to look up a subject and find all webpages, including those listed under stories about that.  Although there will be some efforts to make it at least partly a search engine, the main source of pages will be you.  You can register and add events, contacts, stories, subjects and pages. reserves the right to alter or delete anything and in particular a lot of effort will go into getting the subjects hierarchy right.  Registration will begin shortly.  All those subscribing to the newsletter will be informed by email.  Others can check back on the site in a week or two.  It is hoped that because will be user driven and dynamic that it will become a major source of information for all men.

Another website that is opening is  MSNHatesMen is so called because MSN not only has a women’s section but no men’s section but also has ecards, most of which are neutral but four are male-bashing.  There are no female-bashing ecards.  Request to get the male-bashing ecards removed have got polite responses but no action, therefore MSNHatesMen was created.  MSNHatesMen seeks to mirror the male-bashing ecard on MSN with a female-bashing ecard on MSNHatesMen.  The female-bashing ecard will stay until the male-bashing ecards is removed.  MSNHatesMen was meant to be launched on July 4th however due to problems at the webhost it wasn’t online.  There have been a number of problems with the site and therefore it is not complete yet.  It is hoped this is due to the webhosts incompetence which would mean that later on they might improve.   If this doesn’t improve soon, the site may have to be moved.  There is still a problem with the email for the site.  However I will say this, if the website itself remains stable, then there will be ecards of on it by the end of the month.  They won’t be as fancy or as clever as the MSN equivalents but they will send a female-bashing message to whoever you want, whilst pointing out that anyone who complains about the sexism in them must also complain about the sexism in the original MSN ecards.

Does everyone know you are in the Men’s Movement?

Are out, as it were, in the Men’s Movement?  Does everyone around you know you are in the Men’s Movement?  This question was brought home to me the other day.  I work in computers and don’t feel it is safe to express my views at work.  I met a lot of customers, men and women, and feel that if I expressed my views they could cause a lot of trouble for me.  It seems to me that a lot of women would think they could take exception to my views and I don’t mean “agree to disagree with me” but rather interpret my view as something hostile as if I am a Nazi for disagreeing with them and my views not being permissible, they could always find something to complain about, which would have nothing to do with the real reason for their hostility. Barring the limited possibility of changing jobs, ageism counts against me, I maintain a dignified silence and think in these days of sexism being something men do but women don’t that maybe a day will come when I can express my views, non-sexist as I believe them to be, in the office.  Discretion being the better part of valour, I did however think I could express myself elsewhere.  I was invited to a dinner.  There were meant to be one or two more men there, but I was the only man there.  There where three women about my age.  Everything was fine until they managed to get onto the subject of lavatory seats.  When one women said “Lavatory seats have long been a problem”, I asked “How long have they been a problem?”.  The question never got an answer.  Even though I may think lavatory seats are a manufactured and exaggerated problem that only exists because women like to malebash, I got the impression that the concept of a time when lavatory seats were not a problem was inconceivable to her.  The conversation continued without any answer and the subject ended when one woman concluded “That’s men” as if it were a crime against humanity and those heinous men are all guilty of it.  This left me two choices.  I could launch into the subject of men’s issues and rights.  I could suggest that lavatory seats were not a real issue and not proof of men’s terrible nature.  I suspected I would have less trouble saying the Earth was flat or that I was from another planet, and the only conclusion would be a row and subsequent social exclusion from their circle.  I also think that I would not get a better reception elsewhere.  The only choice would be to have almost no female acquaintances.  I did not want to do that so I opted for the second choice, which was say nothing.  In some ways I am doing what a lot of men do, that is saying nothing in the hope of keeping the peace.  I am beginning to think that the peace will not be kept.  Peace in our time was a fallacy but how do you make war at the dinner table?  So my question is, and maybe you could email or we could get a discussion going on the Men’s Hour Yahoo group or maybe, are you “out” in the Men’s Movement and if so, how do you do that?

Bernard Chapin


Marriage Boycott

If you are tired of talk of how men are “afraid of commitment” and think the issue is not as simnplistic as that then you should have a look at Stephen Baskervilles article on marriage boycott on  Stephen Baskerville of Harvard University cites suicide and jail as just two reasons why men are staying away from marriage. He mentions a disabled dentist who was told by a court to stop taking medication for a brain tumor and instead put the money into life insurance.  For the webpage and a RealPlayer audio visit MensNewsDaily and there is also a discussion on  So if you want a refreshing view about men and marriage go to the web addresses listed on the programme page.


There is a protest outside the home of family court judge called Justice Munby near Pewsey, Wiltshire, England.  That’s at 1030 on 21st July.  Have a look at and then under Latest Action for details and a contact phone number.  That’s 1030 on the 21st July.

NCFM Anti-NOW event

On the 21st June, in St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S. the National Organisation of Women began their annual convention.  This year the National Coalition of Free Men decided to hold an event in opposition to the convention. This started with a protest outside the convention, including acting out scenes about family courts, and concluded with a talk in the evening.  The guests were four women, to show that NOW does not speak for all women, and one man.  They were Trudy Schuett, of the DesertLight Journal and men friendly epublisher,, Wendy McElroy of, Diana Thomspon of the American Coalition For Father and Children and of the Second Wives Crusade, Deborah Watkins of the National Coalition of Free Men and Warren Farrell, author of the Myth of Male Power and Father and Child Reunion.  All spoke about subjects like the destructiveness of feminism or the value and importance of men and how NOW does not represent all women.  

A live internet broadcast of the event was attempted by me.  Unfortunately it is not as successful as I hoped due to technical problems. Recording of the event failed so there is not a copy to put on the Men’s Hour.  As a way round this the guests have been approached in the hope that they will redo their talk on cassette and then this can be added to the Men’s Hour.  Hopefully we will then be able to have some record of what was a historic event.  Certainly although the NOW convention was mentioned sympathetically by the local press, there was media interest in the NCFM anti-NOW event including a radio interview with Wendy McElroy.  It is possible that challenging NOW, in this way, could become an annual event and that will raise the profile of men’s issues even more.  One radio station that they only heard of the NOW convention when they heard about the anti-NOW event, so maybe the challenge to feminism is starting to be heard at least by some in the media.  

One other point, the Men’s Hour is now on This is a radio station website.  A copy of this Men’s Hour will be uploaded so you can listen to it there.  Due to the way Live365 works, the programme will be permanently on a loop.  You can’t start it or stop it.  .  Valuable lessons were learned in St. Paul and that will allow successful live transmissions in the future of important men’s events.


Recently both and Men’s Hour have received emails with viruses.  Viruses are not uncommon but since one email was supposedly from the Men’s Hour to it is clear that someone is sending them specifically to us rather than just a random virus.  The email also had the subject "Und Yvonne Wussow".  Yvonne Wussow is apparently a cheated German wife.  I suspect this means that I am not taking enough notice of her plight, real I’m sure, and that the plight of men is of no consequence compared to her problem.  To the coward that sends these emails.  You do not advance your cause one iota.  If you have an argument, send it; I will consider it.  Your action however suggests you have no argument, only rhetoric and slogans.  The more you do childish things like this, the more I am convinced of the validity of the Men’s Movement case.


That concludes the Men’s Hour for now.  The next programme will be Sunday 17th August.  You can email us at  If you want men’s books please have a look at The Men’s Hour is copyright 2002.

Sunday 21st June 1030am-1pm
near Pewsey, Wiltshire, England
Protest outside a family court judge's house


Bernard Chapin
Bernard Chapin's book - Napalm is the Scent of Justice

Marriage Boycott on
Marriage Boycott on

National Coaltion of Free Men