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How do I contribute news and articles to Menís Room?

We welcome all articles from around the world from both men and women.Our primary concern is that it is something that is about men and cannot be heard through the usual political correct channels.Feminists and apologists for them should go join the BBC, however if you are willing to have your views challenged then here might be the place.The main bulk of our programming is expected to be menís issues including divorce, children, rape, health, domestic violence, media depiction of men and so forth. †† News and discourse will be the main items along with some opinions and comment.Jokes and sketches are also welcome.We donít just want a diatribe against feminism. Anything we include may be edited for time or other reasons.

If you have something you can contribute in a number of ways.Emails can be from one line idea to a full article. If you have digital audio facilities, completed articles can be sent in most digital audio formats (*.wma. *.mp3, .wav, *.au).and possibly in movie formats (*.mpg, *.mov, *.qt, *.avi).We can also accept articles on ordinary cassette, contact us for the address.We cannot promise to broadcast unsolicited articles so if you have something in mind it would be worthwhile to check it with us first.We can advise on the content and style that would be most acceptable.We are also looking for regular contributors from around the world.

Basically drop us a line if you have an idea, and also tell us if you can provide completed text or audio articles, and we will be in touch.

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