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The Menís Room Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Menís Room?

The Menís Room is a response to the sexist BBCís womanís room that is broadcast in the UK every weekday.The BBC maintains that the womanís hour has ďgeneral appealĒ and therefore there is no need for a menís room.The womanís hour also covers topics that are menís issues like fatherís rights or male menopause to name two. It always does this from a feminist inclined perspective. †

This politically correct attitude seems to be true throughout a lot of the media.Menís views and rights are often not represented and virulently challenged whenever they do manage to get presented.The Menís Room was conceived as an antidote to that.Menís ideas, for example like shared parenting, are to be put forward and not immediately rubbished by some flimsy or misleading argument.

It is not about hating women.It is about challenging feminists, often these are people who seem to clearly hate men.

Is there any money involved in the Menís Room?

We have the same budget as the BBC spends on menís programmes. Zero.

Who do you represent?Who elected you?

We have as much moral authority as feminists who elect themselves spokesman for all women.We have associations with menís and fatherís organizations but we donít speak exclusively for any particular group or organisation, but we do speak for those men who feel marginalized and whose voice is not being heard.