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Next programme -
Feburary 16th from 9pm GMT (4pm EST)

January 2017 Programme now out -

Trudy W. Schuett about 2016 and 2017 and how MSN has toned down its ecards
Ian Kelly looks about 2016 and 2017
Baby bust - the declining population
Senator Anne Cools on her work in the Canadian parliament

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Xmas 2016 Programme now out -

Matthew O'Connor on the Father Christmas's protest
Lock Mackay on getting through Christmas
The Samaritans
Christmas message for men
Numerous jokes and how to get the cat to miow
Music (from Elvis to Sinead O'Connor) only on Live365 for copyright reasons
Free ebook until the new year

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Dec 2016 Programme

Phone the Men's Hour with your opinion/contribution
Matthew O'Connor about 100-200 Fathers Christmas protest on Tuesday 17th December
Carnell Smith about paternity fraud
News of a film called Busted
News of Father Christmas
Sue Price about the Men's Rights Agency in Australia
A Report on Boys Education in Australia

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Nov 2016 Programme

Protest in Strasbourg, France in December
Ian Kelly on the Sexual Offences Bill
Christmas Message Announcement
Trudy W. Schuett on cyberManbooks
The death of Myra Hindley
Sexist website MSNHatesMen

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Oct 2016Programme -

Michael J Geanoulis about the The New Hampshire Commision on the Status of Men
World Health Organistion report on violence in the world
Costa Rica paternity assignment

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Sep 2016 Programme -

News about a conference on DV on men in Portland, Maine
Interview with John Abbott of the Blackshirts
More male bashing in the media

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Aug 2016 Programme -

Now also on Live365 News about a Wiltshire, England protest in July and further protests
Complete soundtrack from the video of the NCFM, National Coalition of Free Men, anti-NOW, National Organisation of Women event on June 21st in St. Paul, Minnesota. The event called "Gender Feminism and the Voice Not Heard: Has America Gone Deaf In One Ear?" includes Warren Farrell, Trudy W. Schuett, Wendy McElroy, Dianna Thompson and Deborah Watkins.

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Jul 2016 Programme -

News about a Wiltshire, England protest in July
Interview with author Bernard Chapin about his book, education and feminism
News of two websites
News of the NCFM event in June
Items about men boycotting marriage, viruses and does everyone know you're in the Men's Movement?

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Jun 2016 Programme -

News about London protests in April
Interview with Richard Pitchers about the Californian Constitutional Challenge
(Friday June 14th 12pm at Supreme Court, San Francisco)
News of the NCFM event later in June

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Apr 2016 Programme-

Steven Stevenson who ran a masculist workshop in Australia and lived
New of Tawny Kitaen, the actress arrested for domestic violence
News of a New Jersey improvement in child support for men
Events in London on Friday April 12th and Sunday April 21st
Dr Bill Thompson, a lecturer and expert witness, recently raided by the police
Infanticide, the BBC and Andrea Yates

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Mar 2016 Programme -

Barry Worrall about the destruction of marriage
Rape Trials
Events in London - March 19th
Women's History Month

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This is the home of the men's hour, an internet radio programme. Our answer to the sexist BBC's claim that the woman's hour has general appeal and therefore there's no need for a men's hour. There is need for a men's hour. Recent discussions on the Woman's Hour include whether men should pay child support for children that the mother claimed were theirs, whether there is such a thing as male menopause, whether family courts proceedings should be reportable. All these discussions had mainly feminist or feminist inclined opinions.

The men's hour intends to bring you items they don't want to discuss. When did you last hear about the increasing male suicide rate, how boys are being undermined at school and how fathers are being arrested for such things as saying "Hello" to their own children? All this and more will be brought to you by the men's hour, including a bit from the lighter side. For example, has anyone warned Germaine Greer about foot and mouth disease, after all it affects creatures with cloven hooves.

We hope to progress to regular monthly or even weekly broadcasts. We will have interviews and articles from all over the World. We welcome ideas and help from men and women.

Transfer over to the new is still in progress.  Eventually all programmes and pages will be available at

The original site, including all other pages, is at

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